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Get glowing this summer with our Long Weekend Essentials set.

  • Day to Night
    A dynamic duo to hydrate, nourish and soothe any time of day.
  • Ready to Glow
    The complete set to nourish, protect, replenish and refresh. Get going and glowing with our rad...
  • Mesmerized
    Hypnotize and enchant with two eyeshadow palettes and infinite possibilities.
  • Long Weekend Essentials
    $313.00 $250.00
    The perfect travel companion for your upcoming escape or staycation.
  • Summertime Sparkle
    $329.00 $260.00
    Get an extra glow wherever your summer might take you.
  • Ultimate Getaway
    $715.00 $500.00
    Pack your bags for the perfect Maëlle getaway - with all of your favorite products.